Ingrid Neyen


Who am I? What are my particular skills?

Ingrid Neyen – your expert all around accounting and controlling

I learned all about accounting from scratch in a small affiliate of a European group during my first employment after my business administration studies with a focus on controlling and marketing. The group was sold to a US Group and I had to learn all about international accounting standards, reporting and controlling that became part of my job. My next position as commercial director included interface works with the IT department, sales, purchasing and product management.
All the companies I worked for as an employee have been sold or were integrated into a group during my employment. Thus projects were my constant companions.

It is the aim of accounting and controlling to make costs comprehensible. Only then can they be influenced and possible savings will be revealed.
To achieve this, aim a lot of practical experience is necessary – not only in accounting and controlling but also in the other business units.

Accounting, Controlling and more

As I have taken much pleasure in project work I decided to start my own business in 2005: Ingrid Neyen International Accounting & Consulting. I was not interested in a consulting company that only proposes solutions. I wanted to be part of the implementation itself and therefore decided to work as an interim managerI have already successfully finished a lot of different projects as an interim manager. You will find more details in my project history.

Knowledge is power - Lecturer & Co.

As I love to share my knowledge with others I worked as a lecturer and gave lectures, too. My major subjects were controlling, cost accounting, organisation and accounting.
Not only my students learned a lot. I have acquired the ability to structure practical knowledge and how to share it with
trainees and specialists.

Practical knowledge all around controlling

I worked in different companies and sectors as head of accounting and controlling before I started my own business. Partially I was also responsible for human resources, product management and purchasing.
The companies I worked for had just been sold when I started or were sold to groups during my employment.
Besides the regular works in accounting such as monthly and year end closing, the reporting and planning I successfully finished a lot of projects. Please find details in the project history.
I was in charge of the projects but I worked on the implementation together with my employees, too.

No pain no gain – my training

I achieved my vocational training by correspondence courses while I was working full time with the following diplomas:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration /Kensington University California
  • Diplom Betriebswirtin (Master in Business Administration) / Fachhochschule Niederrhein with a focus on Controlling and Marketing

A rolling stone gathers no moss – my continued professional trainings

Besides my trainings in accounting and controlling I acquired a deep knowledge in business English and business French with the following diplomas

  • Certified translator for English and French, diploma granted by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Düsseldorf
  • Diplôme de français des affaires, deuxième degré granted by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Paris

I use my expert knowledge and professional experience since more than 20 years to optimize the accounting and controlling. The companies that I worked for have saved a lot of time and moneyWould you like to make the most of  our controlling and accounting, too? I look forward to receiving your call or e-mail.

Benefit from my long-time professional experience in accounting and controlling as:

  • Interim Manage
  • Project Manager
  • Head of accounting and controlling
  • Lecturer

Work Experience

Since October 2005 Freelance Activity


  1. Allocation of the CG subgroup closings into single entities in Lucanet according to local Gaap and IFRS
    • Mapping of the local Gaap figures per entity to the Lucanet chart of accounts
    • Compilation of the different valuation levels
    • Determination of the intercompany relations on single entity level
    • Analysis and allocation of IFRS corrections to the single entities
    • Allocation of bookings made on group level to single entities
    • Upload of the data into Lucanet
  2. Consolidation
  3. Support for the quarterly, half-year and full year closings of the CG Group and the consolidation of all subgroups
  4. Responsible for the further development of Lucanet in order that it can be used as a consolidation tool for all entities from 2020 onwards based on a new common chart of accounts
    • Determination of the new mapping based on the new chart of accounts
    • Transition of the subgroup closings 2019 into Lucanet as a starting point
    • Training and support of employees
  1. Modification of the general ledger to fulfil US Gaap requirements after the sale of the company to a new group
    • Calculation of right of use assets according to ASC Topic 842
    • Set up of a new balance and profit- and loss structure
  2. Modifications in accounting after the restructuring, in particular:
    • Set up of a new structure for provisions
    • Modification of the chart of accounts
    • Creation of templates for the automatic booking of provisions and interest in SAP
    • Optimisation of the reporting template in Excel
  3. Compilation of the monthly and annual closings according to German Accounting Standards (HGB) and IFRS, in particular:
    • Fixes Assets
    • Provisions
    • Intercompany Reconciliation
    • Inventory Accounts
    • Statistics
  4. Support Due Diligence
  5. Collaboration with the tax adviser
  6. Preparation of the tax documentation (Tax Request) for the American parent company
  7. Adaption of cost allocation sheets to new structure
  8. Compilation of a reporting for indirect costs
  1. Support implementation of OS Plus
    • Analysis of test cases
    • Edit of SAP-Tables responsible for the accounting of the business transaction imported from OS Plus (ZLBK1, ZLBK2, ZLBKI und ZLBKB)
    • Maintenance of the DO-Table THK and coordination of the DO-Tables TWR, TBU, TBB und CPD with the corresponding SAP-Tables
    • Check if the daily tables from OS Plus contain errors, if so correction of the SAP part and transfer of the other errors to the appropriate department responsible, preparation of the batch-input files and import of the data into SAP
    • In the case of inconsistencies between OS Plus and SAP check of the relevant contract in OS Plus and comparison with SAP bookings
    • Check if the reports from the OS Plus archive matches with the data in SAP
    • Compilation of several supporting documents for the accounting department
  2. Support implementation of Stab C/S
    • Edit of the matrixes based on contracts and agents responsible for the data transfer from Stab C/S
    • Check of the beginning balances in Stab C/S
    • Analysis if the daily booking journals from Stab C/S correspond to the booking journals in SAP
    • Check if the inventory in SAP is identical with the bookings in Stab C/S
  3. Support preparation of annual closing
    • Edit of agio accruals up to the change of software, analysis of the bookings in OS Plus and determination of existing reports for agios in OS Plus
    • Edit of the Riester accruals
    • Preparation of provision file
  4. Compilation of the disclosure report
  5. Set up of structure for FinRep Data Points and FinRep Simplified
  6. Set up of structure for ALMM reporting
  7. Compilation of the indicators for the evaluation according to §§ 18 und 10 KWG
  1. Support insolvency of the former Metric Mobility AG
  2. Set up of the accounting of newly founded Almex GmbH, in particular:
    • Set up of the chart of accounts
    • Elaboration of the intercompany structures
    • Mapping of the chart of accounts to the group reporting of the Chinese parent company
    • Compilation of all necessary reports in SAP
    • Compilation of the reporting for the parent company in Excel
  3. Compilation of the monthly and annual closings according to German Accounting Standards (HGB) and IFRS, in particular:
    • Fixed Assets
    • Provisions
    • Accruals
    • Intercompany Reconciliation
    • VAT
    • Factoring
    • Cash and banks Inventory accounts
    • Statistics
  1. Integration of a subgroup into the group reporting
  2. Setting up of a consolidation in Excel
  3. Setting up of a Reporting Package
  4. Support regarding the introduction of Lucanet
  1. Support with the consolidated group financial statements according to IFRS and financial statements of the individual companies according to HGB
  2. Optimisation of processes in accounting
  3. Setting up of statements for the analysis and development of fixed assets, provisions and equity in excel
  4. Draft of an account allocation manual and an accounting manual for the group
  5. Optimisation of the balance sheet structure for the group within the consolidation tool Lucanet
  6. Maintenance of the data within Lucanet for the development of fixed assets, provisions and equity
  7. Maintenance of the assignment table for the automatic transfer of data from SAP to Lucanet
  8. Draft of a reporting package for the data transfer to Lucanet
  9. Draft of a group chart of accounts
  1. Identification of errors resulting from the migration to SAP from Datev
  2. Disintegration of compound items migrated to SAP
  3. Analysis of interface errors resulting from the data transfer between the sub ledger and the main ledger
  4. Setting-Up of excel upload tables for data not being transferred by interface
  5. Identification of missing bookings from the sub ledger
  6. Definition of new booking rules and correction of existing ones in cooperation with the sub ledger
  7. Release of new and corrected booking rules after testing
  8. Processing of interface errors in SAP
  9. Definition of the handling of master data
  10. Improvement and optimization of the processes within the department and between the main and sub ledger
German Native language
English Proficient user Level C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference
French Proficient user Level C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference
Italian Independent user Level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference
08/1979 to 10/1979: Au-Pair girl in Orléans, France
MS-Officeexcellent knowledge of Excel, Word and Powerpoint
basic knowledge of Access, VBA
Bookkeeping SoftwareDiamant (excellent good knowledge), SAP/R3 FI/CO (good knowledge), JD Edwards (good knowledge), Exact (good knowledge), Scala (good knowledge), IScala (good knowledge), Datev (good knowledge / Evaluations only – no postings), M3 (good knowledge / Evaluations only – no postings)
Consolidation/Reporting Software​Hyperion (good knowledge), Outlooksoft (good knowledge), TMS Matrix (good knowledge), Cognos (good knowledge), Qlikview (good knowledge), Lucanet (good knowledge)
Other software programmesOSPlus (good knowledge / Evaluations only – no postings)

Ingrid Neyen – your expert all around accounting and controlling ​

The management consultant supports you as part of interim management in the areas of controlling, organizational development, process management and finance.


Ingrid Neyen
International Accounting & Consulting
Business Consulting
Kurt-Jacobi-Straße 19
D-41189 Mönchengladbach
Tel.: +49 (0) 21 66 / 14 72 58


Ingrid Neyen
International Accounting & Consulting
Business consulting
Kurt-Jacobi-Straße 19
D-41189 Mönchengladbach
Tel.: +49 (0) 21 66 / 14 72 58